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Alien³: A Short Commentary

Alien³ Alien 3 (1992): For a lot of people, one of the most hated of the Alien films. After Aliens, fans were upset that their favorite characters like Newt and Hicks were killed off. Critics hated it. "Alien3 takes admirable risks with franchise mythology, but far too few pay off in a thinly scripted sequel whose stylish visuals [...]

By | September 12th, 2018|Categories: Movies, Science Fiction|0 Comments

10 Sci-Fi Epochs That Further Your Perception Of The Future

Sunshine An apocalyptic, all-or-nothing bid to save Earth & Humanity from a dying star. One of my favorite films of all time, Sunshine is filmed in a sort of dream-state style which I love. But I'll be honest with you on this - I wasn't a fan of much of the ending. Although [...]

By | September 9th, 2018|Categories: Movies, Science Fiction|0 Comments
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